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What Are Bioflavonoids ? 

Bioflavonoids can be described as secondary metabolites ,and are found in all living plants. They are responsible for many functions within the plant such as signalling molecules, colour, disease resistance, trace element transport, and growth. Bioflavonoids are complex molecules that are often described as polyphenolics. They are acidic in nature, and usually very powerful antioxidant - a property used by plants to help protect themselves from UV damage.


Bioflavonoids are present in nature in very small amounts, and are almost insoluble in anything, which has hindered development of formulations containing them. Evolution Organics has identified several bioflavonoids that are particularly bioactive, and have developed technology to combine them into water soluble products, to produce very powerful treatments for microbial control.

Evolution Organics manufactures most of its products from renewable resources that are either naturally occurring or have been subjected to minor synthetic modifications. Based on mostly sugars and coconut oil, these ingredients are substantially more biodegradable than normal detergent ingredients, and their degradation by-products are  harmless to the environment. Added to this, the use of some innovative Bioflavonoid technology that has allowed us to provide a non-dangerous goods alternative in the kitchen, laundry, janitorial and hand care industry. Thus reducing
risks to staff, equipment and the environment.